Learning How to Love and Accept Yourself

Published: 23rd February 2010
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How many people can actually say that they love and accept themselves just as they are?

Learning to love yourself is quite possibly one of the hardest things to accomplish in your life. And that is when there is nothing wrong with you. Imagine having an eating disorder. It is even harder for people to love and accept their own bodies when they have an eating disorder.

One can find hatred for our bodies everywhere. On the street, you can hear a total stranger complaining about the size of her thighs to a friend. In the grocery store, you see the man looking at the nutrition facts with a puzzled look on his face. In magazines, almost everyone is airbrushed. So, it's no wonder why we don't love ourselves like we should. We are constantly surrounded by negativity that tells us that we are never good enough. We should not be happy until we achieve that certain number on the scale, right? Wrong.

The most essential thing for people to incorporate into their life is personal development or self-improvement. Personal development can help people shed the layers that they hide behind. Personal development is just wanting to better yourself. Self-improvement can help a person unravel who they are and morph into who they want to become, which is someone that loves themselves. Anything is achievable when you learn to work on yourself. Nothing seems too far away.

Personal development is what will help teach you how to accept and love yourself, along with any flaws that you may have. It is also the stepping stone for you to start making important, positive changes in your life that will ultimately change your eating habits.

There are many things that can be done with personal development to help Binge Eating Disorder. The first thing that one can do is to stop surrounding themselves with any negative talk. Negative talk is any thoughts or conversation that you enter that is negative. These thoughts and conversations will not help you to become more in love with yourself. They will make you see all of the bad that is in you. Your mind will be clouded. Learn to appreciate the positive and beautiful things in your life.

Another thing that one can do is to start reading personal development books and listen to audio tapes. Instead of watching television at night, read a good book that will teach you how to appreciate yourself. While driving to work, pop in a personal development CD that will expand your mind and get you to start thinking about what changes in your life you want to make.

When you start to accept your body and love it in the present, even though it may not be exactly what you want forever, your mind will start to change and you won't be so hard on yourself. Imagine how our lives would be if everyone gave themselves a break and just accepted the way they were at any given moment.

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